The return

After putting a new hard drive in my computer, reinstalling everything, losing all my bookmarks, getting them back, doing nothing with them while I write mid-terms, then pulling things back together again, I seem to be back into WordPress. And this time I’ma gonna write. Ooohhh boy am I ever gonna write.

I was going to embed a video in here, but since I’m at school, I have no access to youtube to get the code, so I’ll just have to post the link: thar ya go. Just slap that sucker right on in there and watch it up. You’ve probably seen it before anyway, since I’m so behind in my linking right now. I’ll catch up, though. I promise.

Now, what to post? I’ll dig up something from my past so that I won’t have to work so hard with this dreary old present. (i.e. lazy).

edit: I’ve since gone home and embedded the video.


Insert Spurious Blogging and Save

This is by no means my first stab at blogging. Several years ago I started a LiveJournal, but after a couple of years, became bored of it, largely because I only knew one other person on LiveJournal, and even then, only vaguely. But now a new community has sprung up on WordPress, with prettier templates, and easier to use editing, and a greater variety of statistics services. What choice do I have?

But seriously, I likely won’t be posting here much until I’ve finished up a few things that need doing. So let the adventure begin!