Amory Wars RPG Update v0.4

It’s so close to being done I can almost taste it. I’ll work on it more later today (probably). For now all it’s lacking is some explanatory preamble, more info on how space combat works, and info on the Monstar subtypes. I’m saving the latter for last, as I don’t want my players to necessarily know too much about it (although there’s enough in here to be ‘too much’ anyway).

Word 2003: Player’s Handbook


Player’s Handbook

It’s almost time, folks. Tonight I plan to finish the Amory Wars Player’s Handbook. I’m still debating whether to call it v0.5 or v1.0, as I do hope to make a grand overhaul once the game is complete, and we’ve had a chance to try out all aspects of it. Please stay tuned!

Amory Wars RPG

It has been requested that I begin posting the d20 system I have been developing on my blog. I have been reluctant to do this, as it is at this point in no way complete (as is indicated by the “v0.3” on the cover).

Other things to note about this is that it is most likely in blatant infringement of copyright laws, and also deviates from the correct (insofar as one can know it) storyline/history of the Amory Wars saga. Changes ‘had to be made’ in order to let the players play characters that they wanted and enjoyable, but still be interesting and useful to the overarching plot. And for which I will likely be crucified by hardcore fans at some point. Also, it is meant as a supplement to the D&D v3.5 system, for which one probably requires some expensive rights to cite as well . . .

But here it is. Any comments are welcome, but do remember it is a work in progress, although I hope to be finished (at least version 1.0) within the next month or so.

Player’s Handbook