Something’s not right.

Okay, this blog is currently receiving too many hits. Over 60 in one day? That’s preposterous. There’s no reason for anyone outside of my harmonious little bubble to be hitting this site. As such, I would as that it cease immediately. All this extra traffic may lead me to believe that my posts are actually interesting, and consequently begin posting more frequently, and more freely, on topics even more vague, esoteric, and specific than ever before.

Yes, I did just use both the adjectives vague and specific to describe the same thing. And believe you me, it’s entirely accurate.

Moving along, for the sake of objectivity, this renewed interest appears to be largely based around any comments, no matter how small and insignificant, I have made regarding Star Trek, or the late, great William Shatner. That’s right, in case you hadn’t heard, William Shatner died on May 19th, 2008. He choked to death on the number of hits I received for my post displaying a picture of him laughing (obviously either drunk, or having just made out with a chick entirely covered in body paint) in his captain’s chair.


Insert Spurious Blogging and Save

This is by no means my first stab at blogging. Several years ago I started a LiveJournal, but after a couple of years, became bored of it, largely because I only knew one other person on LiveJournal, and even then, only vaguely. But now a new community has sprung up on WordPress, with prettier templates, and easier to use editing, and a greater variety of statistics services. What choice do I have?

But seriously, I likely won’t be posting here much until I’ve finished up a few things that need doing. So let the adventure begin!